Tips For Surviving Infertility

5 Eye Problems You Can Prevent by Wearing Goggles When You Swim in a Pool

Whether you're jetting off on holiday or going down to the local swimming pool, you'll always appreciate a nice dip in the water during a warm summer's day. However, you need to make sure your eyes are protected, and that means wearing swimming goggles.   Here are just five eye-related problems they can prevent. 1. Chlorine Irritation Most of us have experienced the discomfort of getting into a pool that has too much chlorine in. Read More 

Planning a Pregnancy? Make Sure You’re Getting Enough of These Nutrients

Planning to start a family – or add to your existing one! - is an exciting time, with lots to think about and many decisions to make. Although you'll probably be eager to start deciding on various aspects of your pregnancy and beyond, there are some things that just can't wait. You're probably already familiar with some of the many vitamins and nutrients a woman should be taking during the pregnancy to ensure optimum health for both her and her baby. Read More 

3 Ways To Combat Lower Back Pain Without Medication

Lower back pain is a common health concern for many Australians. The causes of this type of pain vary but regardless of the cause, it can be a debilitating issue that causes disruption to your daily life and emotional well-being. Fortunately, many forms of lower back pain can be significantly reduced with the right help. Here are three effective ways that you can manage your lower back pain without relying on medications. Read More 

Progress Out Loud: Hearing Aids Then and Now

Did you know that around 25% of people aged between 65 and 74, and 50% of those 75 and older, suffer from hearing loss?  Further to that, around 15% of the general adult population has some kind of hearing trouble.  At least, so says one American study by the NIDCD, who investigate issues surrounding deafness and hearing disability.  In other words, if you're having difficulty hearing, you're not alone.  But despite how common these difficulties can be, many people are very self-conscious about them, to the extent that they refuse to wear hearing aids. Read More 

Direct Osteopathic Approaches Explained for the Ordinary People

If you've never set foot in a medical class, most, if not all, that a doctor says or writes sounds like jargon. It is understandable considering the complexity of the human body and the lengths to which you will have to go to understand basic human functions like breathing. When the body suffers an anomaly or injury, medical practitioners must find a way of treating it. This can be done by manipulating the body's organs to speed the process of recovery. Read More