Ensure Your Child Is Carrying Their Backpack Correctly To Prevent Backaches

One of the major reasons why kids need the services of a paediatric chiropractor is because their backpacks are hurting their backs. Irrespective of your child's age, as long as there are hauling a backpack to and from school every single day, the excess weight and improper positioning can cause back problems that could persist onto their adulthood. Therefore, it is your responsibility as their parent to ensure that their backpack is not at risk of causing back strains and perpetual pain. Below are some handy tips to abide by that will help ensure that your child is carrying their backpack correctly and is not at risk of back pain.

Buy the perfect size for your child

The biggest mistake that some parents make when picking out a backpack for their child is picking out a big one thinking that the lager it is the more stuff their child can cram into it. However, if the school bag cannot fit your child's dimensions, it is likely that the bag will start to pull the child backwards steadily. As a result, the consistent wearing of the school bag means your child starts to experience muscle strain in their back, which will eventually lead to chronic pain. Nevertheless, if you think that the solution to this will be purchasing a mall bag that cannot be overstuffed with school stationery, then you will be mistaken. A small bag poses the problem of being too tight, which means that excessive pressure is being exerted on your child's shoulder muscles. Therefore, it is important to take your time and scour for a school bag that will fit your child precisely.

Choose a school bag with padded, adjustable straps

Padding is essential for your child's school bag, as they function to reduce the pressure of the straps on your child's shoulders. Moreover, the padding also reduces the chance of the straps pinching your child's nerves and muscles, and this can reduce the chance of neck pain. Hence, your child will stay comfortable when wearing their school bag. When picking out a backpack with padded straps, you should ensure that they are adjustable. Adjustable straps ensure that the backpack stays in the right place, and an added bonus will be ensuring that there is a waist strap, too, that will secure the backpack.

Distribute the weight of the backpack evenly

Even after choosing a backpack that will fit perfectly on your child, uneven weight distribution can increase their risk of back pain. Before your child wears the school bag, spread all the items equally inside the bag so that one side is not heavier than the other is.