3 Ways To Combat Lower Back Pain Without Medication

Lower back pain is a common health concern for many Australians. The causes of this type of pain vary but regardless of the cause, it can be a debilitating issue that causes disruption to your daily life and emotional well-being. Fortunately, many forms of lower back pain can be significantly reduced with the right help. Here are three effective ways that you can manage your lower back pain without relying on medications.

1. See a physiotherapist

Physiotherapists are health professionals who specialise in body mechanics. They can evaluate your lower back pain and can help to ascertain what the cause or causes are. Once ascertained, they will provide you with both immediate treatments for the problem and exercises and movement strategies that are designed to reduce the pain in your lower back.

Physiotherapists can also provide you with education about how posture, ergonomics and everyday movements can impact your body's function. These will not only alleviate your current pain, they'll also help to prevent any additional problems from developing.

2. Take up yoga or Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are an ideal form of exercise if you suffer from lower back pain. They both focus on strengthening your core stability which creates a stronger and more supportive muscle structure and protects your lower back from injury and pain.

Both yoga and Pilates also help to stretch your body and improve your general posture which is a common cause of lower back pain. They also improve your body awareness when you're doing everyday tasks such as lifting, sitting at your desk or bending over, all of which can wreak havoc with your lower back if performed incorrectly.

3. Include a daily walk

Daily exercise is an important part of your overall health and it can also make an enormous difference to your comfort and well-being if you suffer from lower back pain. Walking loosens up your spine and creates movement in locked up and tender muscles in your lumbar region.

Exercise is also great for your emotional health. A daily walk will provide you with endorphins that boost your mood and help you to manage the mood depressing effects that are a common side effect of chronic lower back pain.

Lower back pain is an unpleasant and often debilitating problem that can make life seem a lot harder than it should be. These three suggestions can make a significant difference to your level of pain and can help to make life more pleasant and comfortable.