Why Podiatry Care Is Crucial If You Suffer from Diabetes

If you are unlucky enough to have been diagnosed with diabetes in recent time, then you may be taking steps to alter your lifestyle and treat this illness as effectively as possible. Yet, did you know that you need to pay particular attention to your feet in this case due to the effects of this illness? What do you need to know and what type of action should you take?

Raft of Complications

As diabetes begins to take hold, it can affect an individual's circulation, and this can lead to additional issues at the extremities. In fact, diabetes may cause specific nerve damage to the feet (called peripheral neuropathy) due to high levels of blood glucose in the body. Furthermore, complications can arise within an individual suffering from diabetes that can make a simple cut more prone to infection. To add insult to injury, the illness can also make the joints and bones in the feet feel stiffer and less flexible.

Best Practice

As you expand your care regimen, remember to pay close attention to your feet on a regular basis. Always wear correctly fitting shoes and avoid walking on any rough surface with your bare feet. If you do pick up any cuts, then you will need to treat these carefully and as soon as possible to avoid the onset of any infection.

Managing Your Illness

It's a good idea for someone in your position to talk with a podiatrist as soon as possible. They are well versed in diabetes care and will be able to provide you with advice at every step of your journey. They can help you to avoid any issues before they materialise, but, most importantly, they can help you to deal with a foot problem before it becomes too serious.

Expert Assessment

Don't underestimate the risk that this type of illness can pose to your feet and remember that prevention is most definitely better than cure. If you need any further advice to help you with your care regimen then set up a regular visit with your podiatrist. In fact, if you've never seen one of these experts before, then you should probably schedule an assessment anyway so that you can fully understand your position.

Careful Approach

When managed carefully, diabetes can be controlled and further issues can be successfully avoided. You do need to be aware of the potential implications though and should take action as soon as possible by consulting with a diabetic podiatry treatment service