3 signs it’s time for a denture tune up

Your teeth play an important part in your health, supporting you to enjoy a range of foods and making it easy for you to communicate with your friends and family. Losing your teeth through ageing, illness or accident no longer has to have a big impact on your life, as a great pair of dentures will enable you to enjoy every aspect of your life, just as you did before.

But what happens when your dentures start to feel uncomfortable, or when they start getting in the way of your daily activities? If you've been feeling your dentures aren't performing quite as well as they used to, here are three signs it's time to visit a denture clinic for a tune up.

1. Wiggles and wobbles

Your dentures are designed to work in much the same way that your original teeth were, providing firm support for your mouth while eating. Wobbly teeth in your dentures can make it hard to enjoy your meals and, when speaking, they can create unclear speech and can even produce whistles and other sounds. If you are experiencing shifting in the teeth of your dentures, it is important to see your dentist for repair before a slight wiggle becomes a major headache.

2. Bad fit

Dentures do need to be adjusted from time to time, and often you'll notice something's amiss when the shape of your face or jaw seems to change. Your teeth support your face, and if your dentures start to fit you badly, you might see a new face when looking in the mirror. Your denture clinic can adjust your dentures so that they sit correctly in your mouth the way they are intended to, supporting the structure of your jaw so your family and friends can enjoy the face they know and love.

3. Discomfort

The most important sign of all that your dentures need some attention is discomfort when wearing them. Dentures in need of adjustment can sit uncomfortably in your mouth, and can even cause you pain by producing sores in your mouth. If your dentures are too loose or are sitting unevenly in your mouth, a professional adjustment will make them much more comfortable.

Whether you have complete or partial dentures, it's important that they look, feel and work at their best. So if your dentures are giving you trouble, visit your denture clinic today for an assessment. Having your dentures professionally adjusted will increase your comfort and your quality of life.